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US Soccer Birth Year and Season Matrix (Printable PDF)

TYSL Online Registration: TYSL Registration

Membership includes weekly soccer practice, a team jersey, shorts and socks, registration with NMYSA, a (7) week fall game schedule, and a (6) week spring game schedule. Bring a copy of the player’s birth certificate, and check or money order for registration fee.

Volunteers will be needed for field lining the week prior to start of season (please keep posted for final dates and times).

IMPORTANT: If your child registered and played in the autumn season they do not need to re-register for the spring season!
Who to Contact: Registrar - Rohm Padilla by email @ rohm4@msn.com

Age Group Matrix

US Soccer Birth Year and Season Matrix 


The Taos Youth Soccer League is open to any boy or girl, ages (4-18) who resides in Taos County & Colfax County. 


At the discretion of a player’s parent and the Director of Instruction, a child may play up one division. However, playing up one division is highly discouraged, the exception being the case of a singular talent.


A seasonal year consists of a fall season (September – November) of approximately (7) weeks and a spring season (April-May) of approximately (6) weeks.


All players will submit a registration form, show proof of birthdates, and pay a registration fee before each season. The Board of Directors will set the registration fees.


Players are to stay on the same team for both the fall & spring season. The teams are to keep the same coach and team name.


All players are to be selected and placed on developmental teams by the way of an unbiased random draw. All coaches are to be notified in advance as to the day and time of the draw. Each coach should be encouraged to attend in the interest of fairness. Players are to be divided equally by age, gender, and experience.


Under no circumstance will a player who is not registered on a team be allowed to play in a game for that team. Additionally, children who are not registered with the League must not be allowed to practice with any team until they are officially registered.

Risk Management

The New Mexico Youth Soccer Association fully subscribes to the US Youth Soccer KidSafe initiatives, and has established a state-wide risk management program. Each member League is required to have a Board member who is formally designated as its "risk manager." In the absence of a specific Board position so identified in its title, the League Vice President is responsible for execution of the risk management program for that League. Some of the resources for that program are consolidated here at the following links for your convenience.


All TYSL volunteers are required to complete this form. Please click on the following NMYSA link for all the details and to complete your disclosure form.

NMYSA Risk Management


The US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (US Youth Soccer ODP) is a national program to identify and develop high-level youth players throughout the country to represent their state association, region and the United States in soccer competition. US Youth Soccer ODP teams are formed at the state association and regional levels, made up of the best players in various age groups. At the state association level, pools of players are identified in each eligible age group, brought together as a team to develop their skill through training and competition. From the state pools and subsequent teams, players are identified for regional and national pools and teams. The Young Olympians Program (YOP) is a state program to identify and develop youth players in the next age year younger than the US Youth Soccer ODP program. For additional information, contact the State Office or the Associate Technical Director.

Please click on the following link for more information regarding the Olympic Developmetn Program.

NMYSA Olympic Development Program 

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